Back Soon…!

The Philosophy Smackdown blog has had a brief hiatus while I adjust to life with our newborn daughter (and help our 2 year old with the adjustment!). Two weeks of no sleep = this: ...Back soon!

Professors Cutting Promos: Pro Wrestling and Teaching Philosophy

This past weekend I went to Planet Wrestling, a show put on by my awesome local wrestling company, New York Championship Wrestling, in Whitesboro, NY. Obviously, as the author of Philosophy Smackdown (Polity Press, 2020), I can't help connecting philosophy and pro wrestling, but perhaps because we're now a couple of weeks into the teaching …

Charlotte Flair and Socrates, ‘Heels are for shoes’

This week in my intro philosophy class we're talking about Plato's Apology, famous for being Plato's interpretation of Socrates's trial in Athens, at which Socrates was condemned to death by a jury of 500 Athenians. It represents Socrates's speech in his defense against charges of corrupting the youth and impiety, and contains some of Socrates's …


Here are some key philosophical questions: What is real? Can we know what's real? Do we have free will? How do our social roles define us? What makes us who we are? Are we the same person through the course of our lives? What is it to be a good person? A bad person? What …

Philosophy Smackdown is Live!

Welcome to Philosophy Smackdown! I’ll be posting discussions of philosophical issues in pro wrestling here. The posts will introduce some themes from the book, but also talk about other stuff. The book itself is in copy-editing at the moment, and should go into production in November, ahead of its publication date in May/June 2020.