Philosophers and Pro Wrestling Catchphrases II

It’s time once again to match the philosopher to the pro wrestling catchphrase! (Part I with 1-5 is here.)

6. Mr Perfect and Plato, ‘And that’s absolutely perfect.’

Whether it was playing football, bowling, or executing the perfect-plex, everything Mr Perfect did was flawless. This makes him the wrestler of choice for Plato, who was obsessed with perfection. This truly is the Platonic Form of catchphrases!

7. Bayley and Aristotle, ‘I’m a hugger!’

Bayley always has time for her friends, lavishing them with generous hugs. Aristotle thought friendship was one of the key components of a good life. But genuine Aristotelian friendship is hard to come by, so hug those friends and keep them close!

8. Kurt Angle and William James, ‘It’s true, it’s true!’

William James once said that ‘the true is the name of whatever proves itself to be good in the way of belief’. Always proving his quality, Your Olympic Hero displayed a deep concern for the truth, and did so with Integrity, Intensity, and Intelligence!

9. John Cena and St Augustine, ‘My time is now!’

St Augustine held the view that the past and the future do not exist, only the present moment does. So, yes, John Cena’s time must be now, as there are no other times!

10. Vince McMahon and Portia Catonis, ‘No chance in hell!’

Vince McMahon would frequently tell people that they had ‘no chance in hell’ of besting him. Stoics like Portia Catonis thought that everything was pre-determined by fate, and thus that there is no such thing as chance. So, Vinnie Mac may have been right, as there’s no chance in hell, heaven, or anywhere else!

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